After-School Care Program

This program provides child care to our students at the close of school each day for the convenience of the parents/guardians. This is a fee‐based program.

Eligibility & Hours
Elementary students in Preschool through age 13 are eligible to participate in this program.
Monday – Thursday 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.
Friday 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.

The program is not open on legal holidays, school vacations, snow days, or any other days that the school is closed.

Emergency After-School Care
Students in the elementary school building must be supervised at all times. A reasonable 20‐minute time frame is provided for families to pick up children following dismissal. To efficiently supervise any remaining students, these students are moved to the After‐School Care Program. Students are signed in and retained until they are picked up by an authorized individual. Please note that any child that is sent to the After- School Care Program following dismissal incurs a supervision fee. The fee for these services is at a higher “non‐scheduled” rate. There is a minimum charge of one hour for the use of this program.

After-School Care Program Fees
The after‐school care program fees are calculated based on an hourly rate. Forms are available in the elementary office to be used in arranging for this service. After-school care is designed to be a prepaid, pre‐scheduled program. The hourly fee is listed below.

This service may be utilized in an emergency when a parent is unable to meet the pick‐up time following the end of school. All use of this program that is not scheduled/paid the week prior to use is calculated at the emergency drop‐in rate.

Our staff is not expected to stay after the close of the after‐school care program. Any student not picked up at the close will incur per quarter hour charges.

$35 per year Application Fee
$5 per hour Pre‐scheduled Fee
$7 per hour Emergency Drop‐in Fee
$10 per quarter hour Post‐closing Pick‐up Fee
Note: Any portion of the first hour is charged in full.

Refund Policy: Refunds for pre‐scheduled hours will be provided for snow days (school closure) and illness only. In case of illness a message must be left on the After-School Care voice mail (extension 112) or by email to on the morning of the illness.