Each student has a school account with a payment plan. The standard payment plan is developed for nine monthly payments. Parents will sign up for an automatic payment plan which outlines the monthly payment. Parents can choose to have a monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or semester payment plan.

  • The first payment is due in July. Payment plans, tuition payments and financial aid is processed online via FACTS SIS (RenWeb)/FACTS.

  • Additional payment plan extensions (10, 11 or 12 months) are available per request. The payment plan can only be extended until June 30 of the payment plan's school year. A request must be submitted to the school treasurer by email at

  • Full tuition will be charged for a student who registers late, is absent during the school year, or needs to make up work missed prior to registration.

  • A monthly statement is accesible online via FACTS SIS (RenWeb)/FACTS and is also sent to the email provided during the enrollment process.

Constituent Rate Eligibility
Five churches provide a subsidy for the operation of South Lancaster Academy. These churches are: College, Leominster, South Lancaster Village, and Sterling Seventh-day Adventist Churches. The Lancaster Portuguese Church is a special constituent member. The subsidy, which these churches pay to the school, allows their members to be eligible for the constituent or special constituent rate. Verification of constituent church membership may be requested in writing from the church.

For a list of our current tuition rates click here.