Financial Policies

The school financial policies, approved by the school board, ensure the financial stability of the school and the fair and equal treatment of all account holders.

Payment Plans
South Lancaster Academy manages all their payment plans under the FACTS/RenWeb tuition management system.  All payment plans are automatically processed from a bank account, debit or credit card.  If a family wishes to request an exemption to the automatic payment plan, the following requirements must be met.

  • No outstanding/past due balances with the school.

  • No history of payment delinquency with the school.

  • If approved, payment must be mailed directly to FACTS following the instructions on the FACTS website.

  • If approved and the account becomes delinquent, the exemption will be revoked and an automatic payment will be required.

  • An official yearly request by completing the information on the following link. Click here.

Once this request is submitted, the school administration will evaluate, determine and inform the decision by email within 2 business days. If approved, an appointment must be made to complete the manual payment plan with the school treasurer. This request is required every year.

To access your payment plan and financial information click here to go to your FACTS SIS (RenWeb)/FACTS account.  Once you login go to "Family Information" and then "Go to FACTS".  Once a payment plan is setup, following the family's request, there is a $50 cancelation fee if the family requests to cancel the payment plan.

Delinquent Accounts
Active accounts that are more than 30 days past due are subject to financial probation. Active accounts that become more than 60 days past due will be subject to a stoppage of services from the school. If a returning student has a past due balance from a previous school year, the family must have a consultation with and receive approval from the finance office before the student can register for the next school year. The school, administration, and committees continue to be willing to work with families to develop appropriate payment plans, however, failure to meet the payment plan obligation will be cause for stoppage of services.

Past due accounts are subject to finance charges. Greenflag Profit Recovery by Transworld Systems assists the school in collecting accounts. Both current student accounts and any accounts remaining when students transfer out of our school system may be assigned to the collection agent for follow-up. This collection agency may assist with accounts that fall behind in payments.

Students will not receive their graduation diplomas until all of their school accounts are paid in full.

Semester Exam Clearance (Grades 9-12)
In order to take exams, student financial accounts must be up to date. No student will be allowed to take final tests if their account is delinquent unless special clearance has been given by the executive finance committee by contacting the treasurer at For students with an average of 96% or higher in any class the midterm or final exam is optional, however the account must be up to date in order to be exempt from the exam.

Family Discount
A family discount will be granted when three or more students from the same immediate family are attending South Lancaster Academy, grades K-12.

Prepay Discount
A prepay discount will be granted for yearly and semester payments.  The yearly payment must be made before the beginning of the school year. For the semester payments, the first payment must be made before the beginning of the school year and the second payment must be made before the beginning of the second semester. International students does not qualify for this discount. For a list of the current tuition rates and discounts click here.

Property Charges - Discipline
The Administration and Discipline Committee retain the right to charge students for damages to property, which may include faculty property. Damage may be from carelessness, misuse, or willful destruction. This includes but is not limited to writing or placing stickers on desks, furniture, walls and lockers. Damage to windows, doors, and light covers may be included in this. A fine equaling the cost of repairs or replacement including staff labor and materials will be assessed.

Communication between home and school is vital for the success of the student. The school utilizes several different methods of  communicating with parent such as teacher notes, telephone and email. The official method of communication is email.