Rebecca Raposo

Being a good role is aim for 1st grade teacher

Rebecca Raposo, new first grade teacher.

Rebecca Raposo, new first grade teacher.

Rebecca Raposo was doing her student teaching in a high-poverty area and saw that the community subtly pressured the children to only be as good as their surroundings and discouraged them from aiming toward higher goals.

“That was the first time I realized I could be a positive role model in those kids’ lives and I could do something. Help them push past their social standards,” said Ms. Raposo. “That was when I fell in love with teaching and ever since then that has driven me. With God’s help I can make a difference.”

Rebecca is our new first grade teacher but is a familiar face on the campus at South Lancaster Academy. “A lot of the people I work with now were my teachers in high school,” said Ms. Raposo, who is a 2009 graduate. “In my mind they’re Mr. Lambert and Mrs. Robidoux, but now they’re like, ‘Call me Jeff. Call me Theresa.’”

Rebecca came to SLA as a sophomore and attended through her senior year. She was a member of the National Honor Society and enjoyed running in cross country.

“I had a great time,” said Ms. Raposo. “I still have friends to this day that I made back then.”

Ms. Raposo went to earn an education degree from Washington Adventist University. You will most likely find her at school early in the morning and working late in the evening as she’s establishing her classroom, grading papers and preparing for the next day of learning.

When she can fit it in, Ms. Raposo enjoys travel and anything outdoors, including hiking, biking kayaking and camping. She spent this last summer on a backpacking trip through Europe with five other female friends. She’s been to 15 countries so far.

Ms. Raposo is eager to see her students develop spiritually and academically while enjoying their experience at SLA. “I like knowing that my kids are learning and having fun at the same time,” she said.