Make a difference in a child's life


Studies show that the longer children attend an Adventist school, the higher their test scores. According to CognitiveGenesis, a 4-year study of 30,000 North American Adventist school students, grades 3-9 and 11 conducted at La Sierra University, each year at an Adventist school improves students’ average scholastic achievement.

The average achievement of an 8th grader just starting at an Adventist school scores in the 50th percentile nationwide. The number goes up to the 57th percentile after just one or two years at an Adventist school. After three to six years enrollment, the average achievement is at the 64th percentile. An 8th grade student who has attended an Adventist school for all previous seven years scores, on average, in the 73rd percentile nationwide.

A Seventh-day Adventist education makes a difference academically in a child’s life. Yet we know that it can make an eternal difference as well.

Of our 290 students enrolled at South Lancaster Academy this year, more than 45 percent require financial assistance. Communication is coming soon asking for help in financing tuition for students who would not otherwise be able to afford a Christian education. Watch your inbox or mailbox for your chance to sponsor a child or click on the donate button at Thank you.