Elementary students raise more than $2,600 for sister school

Penny Wars HiRes.JPG

If you think your loose coins don’t amount to much, consider that our elementary students brought in their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to raise more than $2,600 for The Oaks Adventist Christian School in Houston that was flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

The 6th grade class hosted The Penny Wars, a fundraiser to support The Oaks where their teacher, Brandy Rich, once taught. The school had five feet of water in their classrooms and sustained so much damage the classes are now meeting in the gym with temporary partitions. They lost desks, books, school supplies and more.

“Every day we prayed that God would multiply this money like He did with the loaves and fish and bless The Oaks,” said Mrs. Rich. “Little by little the kids brought in their coins. Ultimately, we raised $2,635.86! God is so good!”

All classes from Kindergarten through Grade 8 participated in the competition from Sept. 18 to 29 to see which class could bring in the most money. The 6th grade class came in first place bringing in $913.43 of the total money raised.

“Penny Wars was an amazing experience! I felt like God was telling our class to help The Oaks Adventist Christian School! I was so happy that we raised over $2,000, and we helped another school. I will never forget this wonderful experience,” said 6th grade student Khali Muth.

“I learned that a little blaze of fire (pennies) can create a giant fire! I also learned that we didn’t just put pennies into a jar. We also put in love, compassion, and life savings. It was all done to help another school,” said 6th grade student Jacob Alce.

What an amazing lesson for all of us that even our littlest bits, when joined with others, can make a big difference.